Fear of the Smear!

I received a letter to invite me for my free smear test that is offered every three years from the age of 25-44. Now as important as it is to have this done, my heart sank when i opened it because since giving birth i am just a bit anxious about allowing anyone to go near me down there! I had an episiotomy when I was delivering Olivia and the recovery afterwards was horrendous. So it’s no wonder I’m scared, i just want to forget about ” down there” for another while. But i made the appointment today because i would no doubt put it off for too long and forget about it.

These day’s thats a risk i’m not willing to take, look at Jade Goody, if that poor woman had of had her smear two months earlier she might still be here today. Her two boy’s were left without a mother too young and to be honest she’s the reason i picked up the phone to make my appointment.

So if anyone else reading this has been putting it off, i think we should all take a deep breath and get it done, after all it only takes five minutes and it could save our lives.

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