Baby Massage

So i’ve fallen for the hype and signed up for baby massage classes but in fairness it sounds too good to not do it!  Not only does my class involve tea and scones but it gives mothers/fathers a chance to meet and chat to one another. I am one of “those” mothers who likes to talk all things baby because I’m still learning and it’s good to share that with other mothers. I’m not part of a mother & baby group so this will be my take on that…

Baby massage greatly enhances the early  bonding relationship between parents and their babies. Touch is one of the most significant and nurturing early experiences our baby will have. This brings me back to when Olivia was put on my chest when she was born, skin on skin contact and touching her tiny hands, it’s such a beautiful memory. Research has shown that these early experiences can affect many aspects of our lives. There are four specific way’s massage can help our babies

1. Relief of colic and wind

2. Relaxation (aiding sleep pattern)

3.Stimulation (build immunity)

4. Interaction between parent and child (assists recovery of post natal depression)

Baby Massage Irelands mission statement is –

Baby Massage Ireland promotes nurturing touch and communication  through training, education and research so that parents, caregivers and  children are loved, valued and respected throughout the world community.’


And in our world today, it’s alot tougher for our children and they are exposed to things children should never see so if i can offer Olivia a calming experience in her early day’s who knows, it may influence her life for the better in the future….

p.s I will write about my experience once the classes are completely finished 🙂

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