T.V for babies…yay or nay?


I never thought i’d be thinking about tv so soon but it seems to be the norm once our babies can see shapes and colour. Olivia was introduced to Disney Junior two weeks ago by one of my sisters. Up until then i had never thought about putting on a programme for her to watch. Her reaction was unreal, she looked mesmerised and screeched and laughed at the screen. Obviously she doesn’t understand whats going on, it’s purely the movement and colour that attracts her but i must admit I think it’s cute watching her react to it.

So since then, in the morning, i sit her in her bouncer and she watches tv for about 20 minutes, but i still worry is it too soon? There is such a debate that tv is bad for kids and babies but i’ve listened to the topics of Mickey Mouse clubhouse, Doc Mcstuffin and Handy Manny and they are very informative and pleasant, so whats the big deal? I think the big deal is “too much” tv, I totally disagree with allowing them to watch hours upon hours of tv just so we can have “peace and quiet” or to do the housework…

I see Olivia is just as mesmerised looking at me hoovering and washing the dishes as she is looking at Disney Junior but i don’t want to deprive her of these programmes because 90% of the kids she will meet, will be watching them too. I guess it’s up to me when it’s time to switch it off…..

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