Putting a price on love?

I read an article a few months ago while pregnant on the cost of becoming first time parents. I remember the statistics being ridiculously overpriced as I work in a store that sells baby products by Mamas & Papas which is quite a good brand and the price of some of the items listed in the article were definitely on the higher end of the scale. It was quite off putting to read and made me feel a little scared about what we needed to buy.

My family and friends would know that I have expensive taste but in the last few years due to financial difficulties I had to tone it down and change my way’s. I do remember (at the start of my pregnancy) saying to my boyfriend that we were buying everything new and that was that, but after a while offers started to roll in from friends and family of items they were willing to give us so i started to rethink things. My boyfriend was unemployed through most of my pregnancy so we had to be realisitic about what we could afford.

The first thing we bought was Olivia’s cot and it was just by chance I started looking on Done Deal one night and found a lovely one second hand and it was cheap as chips so we had to get it! Shortly after that my cousin offered us her brand new moses basket so we graciously took that and just bought new mattresses for both cots. I knew which pram I wanted and it wasn’t cheap so thats where my wonderful family came in and as their gift to us for Olivia, they gave us money towards it, without them we probably wouldn’t have it now. Three of my closest friends bought her beautiful bouncer that I had seen in work, so that was another tick off our baby list. We have also borrowed her sterilizer and bath from my friend.

The reason I agreed to those, was because we live in a small house and storage space is quite limited so it will be nice to be able to give these items back when were finished with them too…Gradually, week by week we bought nappies, clothes etc. etc.

Everything is possible when there is a good plan in place and I liked the idea of receiving some of her essentials as gifts for her birth. It worked out great for everyone, we had what we wanted and the people giving it didn’t have to worry about what to buy her then. What I’m trying to say is as long as we love and care for our children does it matter about the cost of items or whether they are new or not?

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