HD Brows

I’ve gone from having “yard brushes” as a young girl, to the awful stage when my friend decided to hack my eyebrows away during Summer exams at school! Not a good look at all! So for fifteen years I have been tweezing and waxing away my eyebrows with no real nice shape that suited my face […]

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The Bumbo Floor Seat

Have I been living under a rock? Up until a few weeks ago I hadn’t heard of the Bumbo Floor Seat, I hope i’m not the only one! I’ve just borrowed one from a friend for Olivia to try out and see if she likes it and my verdict is, she does! It’s so cute […]

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Making new friends during pregnancy

Making friends with other pregnant women was something i hadn’t thought about during the early days’ of my pregnancy. But as the weeks passed it was a gradual progression with 3 local women i had already known but wasn’t very close to. Most of my group of friends have kids also but it’s that special bond you make […]

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Fear of the Smear!

I received a letter to invite me for my free smear test that is offered every three years from the age of 25-44. Now as important as it is to have this done, my heart sank when i opened it because since giving birth i am just a bit anxious about allowing anyone to go near me […]

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Baby Massage

So i’ve fallen for the hype and signed up for baby massage classes but in fairness it sounds too good to not do it!  Not only does my class involve tea and scones but it gives mothers/fathers a chance to meet and chat to one another. I am one of “those” mothers who likes to talk all […]

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T.V for babies…yay or nay?

I never thought i’d be thinking about tv so soon but it seems to be the norm once our babies can see shapes and colour. Olivia was introduced to Disney Junior two weeks ago by one of my sisters. Up until then i had never thought about putting on a programme for her to watch. […]

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A focus on….Rompers and Babygros

I am pretty much obssessed with dressing Olivia in Romper suits and Babygros as daywear. They are so cute and undeniably the most comfortable items of clothing we could put on our babies. When their so young and soft i think it’s important to have comfy stuff on their little bodies! Thanks to the Americans, rompers were […]

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Cicaplast Baume B5 Cream Review

Only for my cousin works for L’oreal I wouldn’t have known about this cream (yet)! Cicaplast Baume B5 by La Roche-Posay is my new favourite product. When my lovely cousin came to visit me after Olivia’s birth, she gave me a tube of it and told me that it was “the best cream” to use on […]

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Putting a price on love?

I read an article a few months ago while pregnant on the cost of becoming first time parents. I remember the statistics being ridiculously overpriced as I work in a store that sells baby products by Mamas & Papas which is quite a good brand and the price of some of the items listed in […]

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