Reflux sucks!

It seems I didn’t know the difference between normal and abnormal when it came to Olivia’s spew! I admit I was going through, on average about 4-5 bibs per feed which I look back now and think it’s alot! There are probably tons of you out there now saying they’ve experienced it alot worse and I do know that because Olivia didn’t cry, she wasn’t upset, she slept when she was supposed to and was a very content baby, it was just the continuous bouts of wind 2 hours after she was fed that didn’t seem right but I was happy to let it continue because i thought it was “normal”.

I didn’t want to go down the road of changing her formula but my public health nurse was so helpful once she confirmed Olivia had mild reflux and advised me on a few options that i could take. The one i took first was adding Gaviscon Infant into her formula which is a powdered substance that thickness the milk to stay in her tummy. We had to be patient here and wait a few day’s to notice a change and eventually there was a small change and when the nurse called to check up and see how she was doing on it, i told her she was 50% better but the nurse wasn’t happy enough with that, she was expecting me to say 80-90% (damn)! She advised us to change her formula to SMA Staydown, thats when it all went downhill!

Our lovely content baby was still lovely but far from content! It really upset her and because the formula was thicker we had to buy new teats for her bottles which meant the milk comes out faster and her feeding time is shorter. We all know feeding time is supposed to be enjoyable and relaxing for both mother/father & baby. The poor thing was finished before she knew it and this upset her because she wanted more, she still spewed just as much and it was very stressful for me because I had never seen her like this and i started to regret changing her formula so we decided on advice from our doctor to add the Gaviscon Infant into this formula too and here we are a week later and things seem to be calming down.

We have upped her intake by 1oz also, even though the bottle is still finished quite quick she is alot more relaxed and that means i’m relaxed too. I do thank God she doesn’t suffer with colic which i hear is worse than reflux?! It’s a pity these things happen our little ones isn’t it?

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