Dear Diary….


Olivia's story...
Olivia’s story…

Thanks to my boyfriend I kept a diary of our journey into parenthood. I started writing it when I was 6 weeks pregnant and continued it until my last entry which was about my labour and eventually her birth. It’s a story for her to read and hopefully enjoy when she’s older. I guess my blog is an extension of that diary noting important moments of her young life and sharing stories with other mothers. I was reading back on the diary last night and it made me smile.

Thinking how far we have come since last Summer, it’s still very surreal and will always be an amazing memory. Reading back on my tears and tantrums in the early day’s due to all-day sickness, to our first scan, my growing belly and both of us feeling her move inside me to the things we bought and how we both felt, it’s something all parents should do if your into this kind of thing.

I know the memories will alway’s be in our head, but to have it written on paper I believe is priceless and I’m really looking forward to her reading the story of her life made with love. I highly recommend it!

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