Festival Fever

All eyes were on Coachella recently for their infamous festival in the desert sun of Indio, California. The gorgeous girls there really know a thing or two on festival fashion! But as the sun set in California, the announcement of our own Electric Picnic and Oxegen got me all excited. These day’s our festivals are often darkened with rain and mud but festival style is still  important, it’s as much about the style as it is the music!

So it got me thinking of what i’d like to wear or see other ladies wear at these funfilled events. The queens of festival style are the 2 Kates – Bosworth & Moss. They nail this look everytime. Here are my thoughts on what to wear…

No matter what, wellington boots are essential in Ireland and even if it didn’t rain they still look cool, especially Hunter Welly’s they really are fabulous! {as much as wellington boots can be fabulous} Another footwear winner if your afraid of the dirt..are converse runners, they look great with a summer dress, playsuit or denim shorts. A trendy light jacket is a must have too, I had a Barbour style jacket over all my outfits at Electric Picnic a few years ago, something like this works with a variety of looks. A crossbody bag is the safest option and this seasons no.1 bag is a neon satchel, how cool will this look bopping away to Calvin Harris or FatBoy Slim? If you’ve got great legs, denim shorts are sexy with a funky tee and lots of jewellery. Coloured or printed skinny jeans are another cool option. If your brave and want to stand out from the crowd, big floral hair accessories are hot right now and mirrored sunglasses are a must-have! Below are a few key festival items then all you have to do is pray for sunshine!

Floral Headband - ASOS Marketplace
Floral Headband – ASOS Marketplace
Channel Alexa Chung in this Kimono from ASOS
Channel Alexa Chung in this Kimono from ASOS
These Topshop boots are unbelieveably cool!
These Topshop boots are unbelieveably cool!
Mirrored Ray-Bans from StyleBop.com
Mirrored Ray-Bans from StyleBop.com

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