5 reasons I went back to the gym!

Another part of pregnancy as we all know is gaining weight. It’s completely normal and healthy to put on up to 2 stone during these 9 months. I was careful to not over indulge, I definitely didn’t believe in the phrase “eating for two”, thats a cop out! I worked hard beforehand to get the shape I had, I was no skinny minnie but a nice size 12. I knew this whole gaining weight thing wouldn’t be on my side, in the end i gained around 18lbs. 

10 weeks on and I’ve only  lost a few pounds. So sorting out my wardrobe recently (getting ready for Summer) I came across some of my fav pieces from the past few years that won’t go next or near me. So of course I need a little help to shift the pounds! I went back to the gym 3 weeks ago, (7 weeks after giving birth) I was still quite tender but i’d got the all clear from my doctor and was keen to not wait any longer, I eased myself back in with a workout put together by the lovely instructor and I was good for the first 2 weeks but for some reason I didn’t go once last week.

Thats the problem you see, trying to get back in “the zone”. I did my first circuit class this morning and felt ill but all I kept thinking about were my lovely clothes waiting to be worn. My five outfits are below. Thats my incentive, whats yours?

My festival look
My festival look
My Halston Heritage dress that I haven't worn yet!
My Halston Heritage dress that I haven’t worn yet!
Peplums are still in...lucky me!
Peplums are still in…lucky me!
My "cool" dress
My “cool” dress
My metallic leather pencil skirt
My metallic leather pencil skirt

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