Looking good, Feeling good…

7 minutes 50 seconds, thats how long it takes me to apply my makeup in the morning since I had Olivia. If your a makeup lover like me then you won’t want to lose a sense of who you are just because your a mother.

I work in fashion retail and I meet women every day and have great conversations with them about life. One of the most recurring topics that comes up in conversation is when some of the women say they don’t have time to brush their hair/apply makeup etc in the morning. I alway’s thought to myself I really can’t see myself letting that happen when I’m a mother. It’s quite bizarre to me. I think we should make time for ourselves, because when we look that bit better we feel good about ourselves.

I’m not talking a full face of makeup here, just a simple base (to cover dark circles/blemishes etc) some mascara, blush and lipgloss and with a nice comfy outfit to go with it. I’ve compiled one daytime look, striped jumper from Zara, Jeans from River Island and Pumps by French Sole, these trends can be found in any store on the highstreet and shown in the photo are the makeup essentials I use everyday. Hey presto, were yummy mummys!

p.s I did time myself putting my makeup on, all in the name of research 🙂

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jumperjeans 2pumps

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