If your planning on breastfeeding your baby, then, like me you might think it’s going to be a success from the beginning and with some mothers it is. From my first” checking in” appointment in the hospital I knew I wanted to breastfeed Olivia. I read up on it and spoke to other mothers who were breastfeeding or had breastfed and they were so encouraging and found it a lovely experience for both them and baby. I really wanted this for me and Olivia too.

I attended my local breastfeeding group near the end of my pregnancy and felt so excited and sure of myself when I left. As you probably know, breastfeeding isn’t overly encouraged by women here, yes the midwifes and doctors will encourage but it has a low success rate in Ireland. I didn’t want to be in the failure category, but I was!

Once Olivia was born, within half an hour she was latched onto me with the help of the midwife. She fed for probably 16 hours on and off from that moment on and on the evening of  day 2 my nipples were toe curlingly painful. I really underestimated how painful they could get. This was when I realised Olivia wasn’t latched on properly and the fact I hadn’t used nipple cream which could have prevented it. I was told about Lansinoh Lanolin nipple cream but didn’t realise I could have used it from the get go. Once I got the cream it was too late, I physically couldn’t continue to feed her myself so a friend of ours kindly loaned me her breast pump and I pumped for a further 5 days. I stopped then because she was demanding too much and I couldn’t express the amount she needed.

I really wouldn’t want you to make the same mistake as me. Lanolin cream is a preventative and by making sure your baby is latched on properly and using the cream straight away it should be a success. Lanolin is completely natural and you don’t need to remove it before feeding. Enjoy breastfeeding your little one and know there is support out there for you x


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