Learning to let go….


When a man walks out the door for a few hours, he can leave without a care in the world knowing his baby is well looked after by the mother, right? So when two of my dear friends forced me, oh I mean asked me 😛 to go out with them last night at short notice I thought to myself ‘oh I couldn’t just leave himself home alone at night with Olivia, she’s only 9 weeks old and he hasn’t taken care of her at night before without me being around, so how would he cope’?

Anyway, after a bit more persuasion from the girls and talking to my other half I decided to go out with them. But in the next breath, I ran up the stairs and bathed the baby, changed her cot sheets, made all the bottles, had everything laid out that was needed for the next few hours, he literally had everything at hand so there was no running around like a headless chicken when I was gone.

I hope you agree with me, being a parent comes naturally to women but for men it’s much more scary being around a newborn baby but I guess you have to leave them to it and let them adjust themselves.

Maybe it’s my fault that I haven’t let him do more with her, but I’m in the frame of mind that a mother knows best! So when the time came to leave, I tried not to be too worried, I had Olivia settled in her basket and my mother was on call if he needed help so I walked out the door excited about the night ahead…After a few, Is everything ok texts to my other half, I let myself enjoy the night with the girls.

We had a good dance, met ‘Romeo’ from Home and Away and after one too many mojitos I got back home and Olivia hadn’t even woken up for her feed!

She waited for her mammy of course!

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