Maternity Style

One of the first things I thought about once the joy’s of my pregnancy had sunk in, was my soon to be expanding waistline! Which meant i’d have to go shopping for new (larger clothes)
Now some people may be very focussed on “maternity” clothes only, during their pregnancy but from my experience I felt there was little on offer out there for me. The small selection that was available in some high street stores lacked the style I craved, so i bought very few plain pieces from them, I wouldn’t just settle for some mumsy frock because it was maternity.

So I decided to go for larger sizes in normal fashion. Now in some cases this just doesn’t work, the fit will definitely be wrong and the clothes will just look terrible so you have to consider your own shape and size of your bump each month. I have browsed through Zara’s S/S13 Collection and found some serious credible dresses to suit a growing belly, if you have an occasion coming up.

If I was pregnant I would want these!

p.s Rochelle from the Saturday’s was snapped in the tricolour dress recently!

blog dress 1

blog dress 2

blog dress 3

blog dress 4

blog dress 5

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