Nursery Time…..

So Kim and Kanye have decided on the colour scheme for their baby’s nursery – Black & White! Unusual to say the least but it sounds like it’s going to be very extravagant! I am defintely in favour of a gender neutral nursery if you know or don’t know the sex of your baby.

The norm in this country is cream and taupe which is a bit dated in my opinion. Parents should be a little more experimental when it comes to this, it’s fun!

We chose “apple mist” as the colour scheme for Olivia’s nursery and added the colours of the rainbow throughout in the form of bunting, blankets and other accessories to bring the room together.
I’m not a pink kind of girl so I thought to myself if my baby is a girl, I don’t want her to fall into the pink cliche straight away. I want her to be surrounded by all colours.

But nevertheless if she decides she wants a pink princess room in a few years, well then, I will just have to succumb, won’t I ?!?

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