Reflux sucks!

It seems I didn’t know the difference between normal and abnormal when it came to Olivia’s spew! I admit I was going through, on average about 4-5 bibs per feed which I look back now and think it’s alot! There are probably tons of you out there now saying they’ve experienced it alot worse and I do […]

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Dear Diary….

  Thanks to my boyfriend I kept a diary of our journey into parenthood. I started writing it when I was 6 weeks pregnant and continued it until my last entry which was about my labour and eventually her birth. It’s a story for her to read and hopefully enjoy when she’s older. I guess my blog is […]

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Festival Fever

All eyes were on Coachella recently for their infamous festival in the desert sun of Indio, California. The gorgeous girls there really know a thing or two on festival fashion! But as the sun set in California, the announcement of our own Electric Picnic and Oxegen got me all excited. These day’s our festivals are often darkened […]

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Snap happy

Capturing our children on camera is what we all love to do. That moment we have captured is there to look at and adore forever. I love taking photos whether it’s people, scenery whatever takes my fancy really. During my pregnancy I came across a lovely photographer who took fabulous photos of babies using adorable and really unique props. […]

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If your planning on breastfeeding your baby, then, like me you might think it’s going to be a success from the beginning and with some mothers it is. From my first” checking in” appointment in the hospital I knew I wanted to breastfeed Olivia. I read up on it and spoke to other mothers who […]

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Prepared for the teething battle!

Once an infant starts cutting teeth, it can be a painful process for infants and parents alike with remedies including everything from clean, wet washrags to pain relief pills. One of the oldest methods available is an amber teething necklace, which the infant wears around their neck. It helps relieve the pain associated with teething. Amber […]

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The “S” Marks!

There are so many changes our bodies go through while pregnant and our expanding tummy’s comes with a high risk of getting stretch marks! I was totally prepared for this, I thought no way will I get away with it but I still went and bought a bottle of oil to massage onto my tummy just incase it helped […]

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Learning to let go….

When a man walks out the door for a few hours, he can leave without a care in the world knowing his baby is well looked after by the mother, right? So when two of my dear friends forced me, oh I mean asked me 😛 to go out with them last night at short […]

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